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Take your brand where the audience is!

Thailand has one of the most congested roads in the world. Commuters in Bangkok spend more than 60 hours in congested traffic annually! By putting your brand on the road, we’re taking your marketing communications where the consumers already are.

We merge traditional OOH advertising with digital-age content and targeting capabilities to deliver the right brand messaging to the right audiences, at the right locations, at the right time.

Why Brands on Road?


Run dynamic ads based on target locations, audiences, or markets


Connect, monitor, and manage your campaigns from a single Dashboard

Cost Effective

Run multiple ads & campaigns across the city in a single budget


Control campaign schedules & directly publish ads on our screens


Use our Social Box to push media updates to in-taxi audiences

Always Available

Consult our team of experts for recommendations based on your objectives

Advertising Objectives

Meet Your Advertising Objectives

Brands on Road provides a simple, impactful, and cost-effective medium for deliver your brand communications to consumers. We serve clients of all sizes from diverse industry verticals.

Thailand’s first Digital OOH company providing top mounted LED screens

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How it Works?
  • Quick Sign Up – A quick meet & greet, fast onboarding, easy to understand tutorials, and you’re done! Upload your content and go live on our screens in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Single Dashboard – Manage all your DOOH ad campaigns live from a single online dashboard, providing a 360 view to initiate and manage campaigns.
  • Upload & Manage Content – Run a variety of content. Videos, Still Images and GIFs, all on a single platform.
  • Run Smart Campaigns – Target based on Geo-location, Peak and Off-Peak Hours, Peak and Off-Peak Locations, and much more. Get real time analytics and obtain the Highest ROI for your campaigns.
  • Reach Your Audience – Increase the number of ad views with the ability to run content parallelly at multiple locations, targeting and captivating on-road audiences and pedestrians.
  • Manage Multiple Cities – Run campaigns across multiple cities, all managed from your single dashboard and powered by real time ad statistics.
Why DOOH ?

With more brands than ever vying for customer attention, Out of Home advertising remains a staple for advertising. With the advent of unprecedented targeting capabilities, future of Out of Home advertising is digital. At Brands on Road, we’re taking Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising to the next level- blurring the boundaries between traditional advertising and cutting-edge advertising technology.

Global DOOH market to grow by 12.6% annually between
South East Asia (ASEAN) is the world’s fastest growing market for DOOH advertising
DOOH advertising increases interest by up to 31% and purchase intent by up to 36%
Drivers in traffic spend significantly longer looking at digital signages than traditional ones
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